Roll A +18 Icing With This 20-Sided Die Cake Pan

Roll a +18 Frosting With This Twenty-Sided Die Cake Pan

What's a rousing game of Dungeons & Dragons without a healthy supply of snacks at the ready? But since no one wants to venture into a dungeon full of mythical beasts with daintily decorated pastries, what you need are edible d20 dice made with this silicone mould from ThinkGeek.

It lets you use your favourite instant cake batter, melted chocolate, or even jelly, to literally taste victory.

The $US13 mould makes four 7.6cm treats, complete with numbers embossed into whatever you're making. However, if you are using cake, a healthy coating of frosting is going to cover those numbers up up. It's also probably important to point out that these dice won't be approved for regulation play with the d20 System, but in the comfort of your dank basement, the rules are up to you.


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