Philips' New Headphones Connect Digitally To An iPhone's Lightning Port

Philips' New Headphones Connect Digitally To an iPhone's Lightning Port

It was widely assumed that when Apple bought Beats a few months ago we'd soon see a set of Apple-branded headphones that connected directly to the iPhone or iPad's digital Lightning port, instead of the analogue headphone jack. But it seems like Philips has actually beaten Apple to the punch with its new Lightning-friendly Fidelio M2L ear goggles for iOS devices.

Now why would you want a pair of headphones that are designed exclusively for your iPhone or iPad? By connecting directly to their Lightning ports it means the digital-to-analogue conversion that usually happens inside your device can instead be processed inside the headphones. And that eliminates the analogue audio signal having to be sent through a long headphone cable during which it can be subjected to interference and degradation along the way. In layman's terms it means you should be left with clearer, cleaner sound in your ears with a 24-bit digital signal being delivered directly to the headphones.

Available come December for just north of $US320, the Fidelio M2L headphone's also feature 40mm magnetic neodymium speaker drivers with a closed back design to help improve bass performance, and what appears to be a swanky stitched leather hand band to help further emphasise your discerning tastes. [Philips via Pocket-lint]


    Digitally connected headphones are the future, but you have to offer more than this to warrant the switch from 3.5mm

    Last edited 11/09/14 9:50 am

      yupe they should offer the 3.5mm jack as well, looking forward to this but again I want to use the headphone for my computer, laptop etc as well.

        The Android version would use a micro usb, so adapting that to your laptop should be almost effortless.

        What I was talking about was using the format to add functionality to the headset beyond mere audiophilia, to do things you can't with analogue audio. I have a patent pending, so I can't say more, but this set is just the first step towards something actually revolutionary.

        Last edited 11/09/14 10:32 am

      For audiophiles maybe, but for the masses Bluetooth wireless headphones are the future. FU cables!

        I cbf dealing with batteries in headsets when I'm never going to have my head more than a metre from my phone. But, to each their own!

          not to mention the compressed audio quality from BT... I rather uncompressed one with a good headset.

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