People On Tinder Are Still Being Fooled By Obvious Bots

People On Tinder Are Still Being Fooled By Obvious Bots

People on the internet aren’t smart. Whether they’re smart in real life doesn’t matter: it seems as soon as some people get online, they get dumb. Ben Bizuneh decided to find out how easy it was to fool people into meeting up with a obviously fake person on Tinder. Spoiler: some people are stupid.

After reading a piece on The Huffington Post about how a bunch of guys met up in a single yoghurt shop in Utah after some Tinder bot told them to, Ben decided to try and replicate the scenario in Los Angeles.

Ben created an obviously fake Facebook profile so it could be used on Tinder, and then joined the dating app with one photo. Ben swiped right on every single guy he saw on the service, and got over 250 matches for this fake profile. From there, he encouraged them to all come and meet up at a bakery in LA.

Turns out, only one guy did, and he got so upset at the prank things nearly turned violent.

It’s kind of mean to do this to someone, but I’m sure this guy won’t fall for this again.

What’s interesting about this isn’t that one person decided to come out after 250 guys fell for swiping right on a fake profile, it’s that people on Facebook started requesting to be friends with an obviously fake person, and even wished this anonymous stranger who they were “friends with” happy birthday.

Don’t fall for bots, kids.