Optus Will Now Subsidise The Cost Of Switching Your Mobile From Another Telco

Telcos want your mobile phone business. No surprise there. What is interesting are the various deals, offers and promotions they come up with to tempt you away from your current provider. Contracts usually dictate one's willingness to switch camps — in particular exit fees and paying out the cost of your device. Optus, as a Father's Day gift of sorts, has announced it's happy to pay some of the costs associated with jumping ship, as long as that ship is its, of course.

A press release on the company's site contains all the details, but the long and short of it is that if you want to upgrade your mobile and switch from another telco, Optus will chip in $200 credit to cover your costs and another $250 towards a shiny new communicator.

Here's what you need to do to take advantage of the offer:

  • Choose a brand new mobile, bring your number to Optus and connect to a 24 month My Plan Plus.
  • Claim $200 credit for your early exit fees within 21 days of joining us. Both consumers and SMBs can sign up and can switch up to five mobile services with $200 credit each.
  • Trade in your old mobile phone and get up to $250 credit, depending on model and condition. Check out your phone’s value here: www.optus.com.au/tradein.

So, hopefully you're up for a 24-month plan! You'll also need to claim the credit within a three-week period, which I'm sure will catch a few people out.

What if you're already with Optus? It's giving out the following peace offering:

Customers who are within the last three months of their Optus contract can upgrade early to get a new smartphone too. We’ll waive their early cancellation fees and they could get up to $250 to trade in their old phone.


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