Optus' Coverage Maps Show Its Massive 700MHz 4G Rollout

When it paid $650 million for long-range 700MHz spectrum in 2013, we all knew that Optus would be putting it to good use for fast and expansive mobile network coverage -- but we just didn't know when. Optus' new coverage map shows its future 4G Plus rollout zones, covering much wider areas around Australia's capital cities.

If you check out the Optus Mobile Network Coverage page on Australia's number two telco's website, you'll find that you're able to set quite a few filters. You can choose to view current coverage, look for work being undertaken three months into the future, or look a little further ahead with a six month plan.

Click on the six month checkbox, and select a 700MHz-capable smartphone like the iPhone 6 Plus or LG G3, and you'll see a beautiful thing: huge expanses of 4G 700MHz coverage in metropolitan areas.

This is distinct from Optus's other next-gen 4G plan, where it already has carrier aggregation switched on for its existing 4G Plus network to double 4G download speeds. Telstra has the same carrier aggregation tech, but doesn't have the same coverage just yet.

There are smaller build-outs on the existing 4G networks as well, but they're not nearly as impressive as the comparatively vast range of the new 700MHz installations. Check out the maps for yourself here on Optus' website.

If you're in one of Australia's capital cities, though, we've put together a quick list of the coverage you can expect as of the start of 2015 (that's when these networks can be switched on by both Optus and other 700MHz competitor Telstra). Here's Optus' six month projected 700MHz coverage in Sydney, shown in pink. The existing 4G Plus (2300MHz) and 4G (1800MHz) network coverage is shown in purple:







Here's a bonus. The coverage map also has an 'outages' button, which shows you all the towers in your area, and gives a pointer of any planned work or current tower failures. (And wow, there are a lot of towers in the Sydney CBD):

You can keep up with 700MHz rollout coverage by checking our 700MHz tag, and with next-gen 4G by checking our carrier aggregation tag.




    Does Virgin Mobile get access to the full Optus 4G network too?

      Yes, I am on Virgin and have been told I get full access to it. Currently getting 4g coverage in Caboolture, Qld

    will Amaysim get this too, since it runs on Optus' network?

      No, Amaysim have yet to use the 4G optus network at all. Their market is still focused on 3G services. They have said, somewhere on this site I believe, that is is unlikely to change for some time.

        That's because Optus cranked up the pricing for 4g, including the data rates.

        My $20 plan with an optus reseller on 3g with 1.5gb of data becomes 1gb data for $30 if I change to their 4g plan.

    Woohoo, 4G in Hobart soon... 'bout time Optus...

    When I test the 4g signal in Hobart on my phone for the last couple of months I have 4g. But its not that great. Download speeds at only slightly higher, Up is about 3x faster, ping is half, but its very very patchy and the phone works better when restricted to 3g (LG G2 custom rom).
    However my phone thats only a couple of months old works with all the bands but this new one. So I can 't use a proper 4g network still. Maybe in a year and a halfs time when I buy an outdated 700MHz phone :P

    If only their coverage maps were actually accurate... Map says I should have 4G coverage in the inner city suburb of Mt Gravatt in QLD. Nope... indoors I'm lucky to get 2 bars of edge, outside 3 bars of 3G. Switch SIM to my Telstra one and I get 5 bars 4G inside my house...

    Just curious, the iPad 3 support 4G LTE on 700 Mhz (http://support.apple.com/kb/SP647).
    Any ideas if it will support Optus (or Telstra's) 4G network given that at least on paper it will work in that spectrum?

      @seeitwork So the article is talking about the 700Mhz rollout of Optus' 4G & the iPad 3 has 700Mhz frequency built-in, why wouldn't it work?
      Carriers & Manufacturers work closely now; a network without devices is useless & a device without a network is useless

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