OnePlus Has $US15 Earbuds To Match Its Fantastic Phone

OnePlus Has $US15 Earbuds To Match Its Fantastic Phone

Yesterday, OnePlus announced on its forums its first foray into audio equipment with the new $US15 Silver Bullet Earphone. Continuing the “half the price of Apple” trend, they look like they’d fit in just fine alongside the company’s OnePlus One wonderphone.

While it’s unlikely that any $US15 pair of earbuds can produce sound worth crowing about, the Silver Bullets at least look lovely, with a brushed aluminium finish that’s the same texture as OnePlus’s Sandstone Black handset. They also come with a built-in controller that acts as a camera key and a volume rocker and call also answer phone calls without needing to pull a phone out of your pocket.

OnePlus says the earbuds will be available starting next week, though it’s uncertain whether they will follow OnePlus’ infamous invite system. The company hints but doesn’t officially state if the headphones will be included with the OnePlus One phone shipments in the future. We’ve reached out to OnePlus for clarification.

Update: The earbuds will require no invite for purchase, although the company has no plans to include the headphones with One shipments, according to a OnePlus spokesperson.

At this point all we know until we test for ourselves is that they look pretty nice, and for only $US15, that may be as much of a selling point as you need. [OnePlus]