One Of The First Australian iPhone 6 Owners Dropped His Phone On Live TV

Mustn't laugh...mustn't laugh...

A guy who camped for hours outside of the Perth Apple Store decided to celebrate his pride and joy by unboxing the phone live on television. And then he sent it for a dive directly into the concrete.

The video, over on Nine News' site, is one of the most cringe-worthy pieces of television you've ever seen.

According to the owner, identified only as "Jack", the device is fine.

Consider this your official drop test. [Nine News]



    Hate to say it , but I wasn't as upset as I should have been

    newscaster reaction was priceless
    full of sympathy lol

    Hey Luke, why not in the Entertainment section ?

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    Why Apple is still designing their boxes like this is beyond me, must have happened to plenty of people in the past (maybe they sell more replacement phones that way or something).

    Shame it wasn't the guy's own footage, he would be making money off it by now on youtube if it was.

      It didn't look like he had put it back in the box properly to me. Was just sitting in there loosely and he opened the box quickly. Not the wisest of moves :)

      Opening the box is fine when you're sitting down at counter/table.

      The iPhone 5c had a much better box, the phone was somewhat far more difficult to remove, but the box was far easier to open.

    Unboxing of the year right there, or am I been too optimistic?

    Hang on. The tweet was posted on 19th September, the 645th day of the year... This was covered by 9 News. 645 + 9 = 654.
    21 retweets and 10 favourites on 1 person's tweet... 21-10 - 1 = 12. MAJESTIC-12 IS INVOLVED,
    Majestic-12 is the organisation that secretly controls the world, as covered in the documentary Deus Ex!
    654 + 12 = 666 = The Devil, Majestic-12, and Apple have corroborated to showcase the new iPhone's smash resistance! Open your eyes, sheeple!

    (I think I need to state that I was being sarcastic)

      Hang on. The tweet was posted on 19th September, the 645th day of the year...
      When did the number of days in a year go above 365/366

        Open your eyes, man. There are clearly 923 days in a year. This number was changed to 365 in a massive cover-up by the Mayan Robots. They just want you to think there are 365 days.

        I think he's using numbers to say Apple is a year behind therefore 365 + todays date = 645 then fart around until you get Apple (Devil)'s number 666, which is why the iphone dropped
        .... instead of him being a clumsy ##ck
        I'm sure there's an app for this or preferably a beer on a Friday afternoon

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          Apple is well over 2 years behind.
          Each and every "feature" on iPhone6 was available on Android in 2011-2012.
          Look at the Nexus 4 in 2012. Point for point identical to iphone 6!

    Hahaha I was literally walking on Hay St past the store when this happened. The video didn't show the crowds reaction it was hilarious! Clearly his nerves got to him! Shaking all over the place

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