Research: Most New Movies Aren’t Available On Streaming Services

Research: Most New Movies Aren’t Available On Streaming Services

Think that Netflix is your saviour when it comes to getting movies online? Think again: new research from KPMG has found that very few new-release movies are coming to the video on-demand streaming services.

Despite the fact that Netflix dominates US internet traffic, accounting for almost a third of evening bandwidth, and that Aussies will do anything to get access to its catalogue, Netflix still doesn’t have a lot of the new release movie titles viewers might want according to the new research.

In a study of almost 1000 recently released movies, KPMG found that only 16 per cent of titles were available on streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crackle. The study looked at 34 different services and found that buy to own or rental services from the likes of iTunes and Google Play still won out over availability on streaming platforms.

The study found that the majority of top-grossing and critically acclaimed films of the last four years were all available on at least 10 of the 34 streaming services analysed.

The research was commissioned by NBC Universal and praised by the pirate-hunting MPAA, and it’s being held up as evidence that studios and rights holders are responding to changing viewing habits.

The problem with the study assumes that consumers will subscribe to multiple different platforms per month to get access to a movie, when instead viewers are more likely to choose one or two and use availability as an excuse to pirate a film if it’s not readily streamable on their preferred service.

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