More Stolen Celebrity Nudes Have Hit The Internet. You Still Shouldn't Look At Them

The Fappening continues. Despite a rigorous pursuit of the leaker and an effort by communities like Reddit and even 4chan to slap down stolen images of naked celebrities, more images have been posted online over the weekend. In case you're wondering, you still shouldn't look at them.

Image: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

This all started when images of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Ariana Grande and Mary Elizabeth Winstead were posted online in an event which eventually became known as "The Fappening". Ugh.

Back when the first images were published, the hackers revealed their "master list" of celebrities whom they had hacked. The new photos include names found on the so-called master list.

At the time, we urged you not to seek these images out, because privacy is a right that should be enjoyed by everyone, including the rich and famous. We're making that same plea now that new photos have hit the internet.

Everyone deserves privacy, and these photos have been shamelessly stolen from people who've had theirs compromised. Don't search them, don't link them, don't click on them. You're better than that.

And if you're not better than that, you don't get to complain about your privacy ever getting compromised by the likes of hacks, data leaks or metadata collection. Mmmkay?


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