Mazda's New MX-5 Looks Like A Baby Jaguar, Or Is That Just Me?

Mazda announced the new Miata Roadster yesterday — known locally as the MX-5 — and she's a beaut! But does anyone else think that from certain angles it looks like a baby Jaguar roadster?

Seriously, it can't just be me, right? Take a look at it from the back especially and it looks like one of the most handsome roadsters we've seen in years.

Then compare it to the rear of the Jaguar F-Type Roadster...

Image: Jeremy Clarkson

Sure, it's smaller and the lip spoiler is slightly higher, but it's the baby Jag clone I've always pined for!



Even if you don't agree with me, you have to admit that it is desperately pretty.

Read more about the specs of the thing over at Jalopnik.

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