Tag Heuer Wants To Make A Smartwatch

Luxury Brand Tag Heuer Wants to Make a Smartwatch

It looks like luxury watchmakers were waiting to see what Apple had planned before entering the smartwatch race. Less than a week after the company's Apple Watch announcement, Tag Heuer spoke with a local Swiss newspaper about its own smartwatch plans and how it will be nothing like Apple, Reuters reports.

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In an interview with a local Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag, Tag Heuer's head of watchmaking Jean-Claude Biver said that the company "want[s] to launch a smartwatch ... but it must not copy the Apple Watch."

The Apple Watch has been both criticised and celebrated for its design with one expert lauding Apple's attention to the watch's feel and respect for tradition but worried about the timepiece's limited lifespan. Apple even hired Patrick Pruniaux, a former VP sales rep for Tag Heuer, along with other luxury watch designers to prepare for the device's launch.

Now that Apple and Google have played their hands, it's not surprising that luxury watchmakers are starting to make their move. After Intel and Fossil announced a partnership last week, it's possible that Tag Heuer could consider a similar route. However, it seems one thing is for certain, it won't look like an Apple Watch, and any hope for Android Wear option would probably be misplaced as Biver also mentions "we cannot afford to just follow in somebody else's footsteps." Whether that urge for originality also extends to software is uncertain.

A smartwatch's limited lifespan would probably make car-level pricing on timepieces a hard sell to most consumers, but Tag Heuer is probably only the first of many luxury smartwatch rumours to come. [Reuters]



    This !!!!

    I used to work for a major GPS company and suggested a partnership with a major Swiss watch manufacturer would be fantatsic. I would line up for a smart TAG.

    I'm really hoping for a new watch from a nice watch maker like TAG. I just hope it conforms to a open protocol and not only works with apple and android but can openly work with Jolla and BB

    The support of quality, reputable watch makers is what the smartwatch industry sorely needs. But unless they intend to drastically reduce the prices of their smartwatch models, I don't think they're going to sell. People are happy to spend several thousand dollars on a regular luxury watch because it'll last them the rest of their lives, and probably beyond. No one's going to spend that amount on a watch that'll be old tech in a couple of years.

      x2 on this, also given people are buying new phones every two years, and the ability to put smartwatches on phone contracts will be limited, I don't see the smartwatch market above $500 doing particularly well.

    A friend of mine has pre-ordered a hybrid watch:


    It has mechanical time piece that doesn't require charging (has kinetic winding) so it will always tell time like a proper watch. But it has LED overlay that does the smart functions. If the watch actually gets produced, I think hybrid watches like this may be a good direction.

    I've been waiting for Gizmodo to do a write up on potentials of hybrid watches...

      The cookoo is a watch that already does this. It requires a battery for the analogue watch and a separate battery for the led overlay. The price point is quite reasonable too. I own one as part of my watch collection and it's probably my favorite of the existing smart watches i have ( i also have a pebble and an imwatch).

      Wow, I just described this as my ideal smart watch to someone a few days ago. I've like the concept of the overlay since Casio's Twincept and I'm a big fan of mechanical watches. I had hoped it would also lead to decent battery life, which seems to be exactly the case with the Kairos.

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