LG Wants To Sell You A $1799 Curved PC Monitor

Want a new monitor for your PC? Got a spare $1800? How convenient. LG's new 34-inch 34UC97 is a Quad HD, LED backlit, curved LCD monitor aimed at serious gamers, anyone who wants a PC screen that can double as a gorgeous movie-watching display, and the usual market of cashed-up stockbrokers.

The 34UC97, in person, is beautiful. I'm not really a fan of curved TVs, but sitting much closer to a monitor means you can notice and (theoretically) take more advantage of the curvature of a monitor and the advantages that it brings. Quad HD at 3440x1440 pixels means plenty of fine image detail, even at the 34-inch screen size.

Integrated stereo 7-Watt speakers should mean decent (although not room-filling) audio, although gamers will probably opt for a good pair of headphones anyway. The 34UC97 actually has Thunderbolt, for all that dedicated Mac display goodness, although DisplayPort and HDMI cater for the vast majority of the PC market already. If you have a spare $1799, LG's curved beauty should be out in Aussie stores very soon. [LG]

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