Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Show Hints Of Cortana On The Desktop

Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Show Hints of Cortana on the Desktop

Cortana is coming to Windows 9, according to these screenshots coming to us by way of German blog WinFuture, which show her off in a very experimental form. Not much of a surprise, but they seem to confirm what we're already expecting — that the digital assistant will find a home on the PC, too.

There's nothing terribly groundbreaking here, other than adding to Windows 9 leaks just keep leaking. The images show the purported digital desktop along with the start menu, notification centre, virtual desktops and your friend Cortana, albeit in an exceedingly early form. All of this just adds more evidence to the rumour that Windows 9 is likely imminent. And if this is all true, it means we'll probably see Windows 9 make an appearance later this month. [WinFuture via The Verge]

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