Judge: Yes, You Can Serve Legal Papers Over Facebook In The US

Judge: Yes, You Can Serve Legal Papers Over Facebook

It used to be that, when you wanted to slap someone with a lawsuit, you'd have to hunt them down the old-fashioned way -- on foot, just like mum used to do. But now a Family Court official has ruled for the very first time in the United States (it's already common practice in Europe) that you can indeed serve legal papers over Facebook.

The ruling came after a Staten Island man had been (unsuccessfully) attempting to serve his ex-wife with a legal notice declaring his decision to stop paying child support. When the man's ex-wife continued to evade him, he decided that there's no reason her "active social media account with Facebook" shouldn't count as legal contact. Apparently, the judge agreed. According to lawyer Michael Stutman, head of family law at Mishcon de Reya in Manhattan:

The idea that physically handing someone a piece of paper is the only way to serve notice is archaic.

In other words, it's time to start thinking twice before poking back. [NY Post]

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    So lemme get this straight. She goes to great lengths to physically remove herself and hide from him, but leaves him as a friend in Facebook. Darwin award for losing her cash cow in a childish game of tag goes to...

      Well actually they may not be friends. You can message people you're not friends with, it just costs money after the first or some such

    On one hand I think it's silly because the validity of such papers or methods could/can be dubious. On the other I have to commend them on realising the day and age we live is increasingly becoming completely virtually centric for some folk and moderately so for others. Ideally this will/can be used both positively and maliciously and we'll have to see how far everyone goes.

    Did you know that the photo in this articles is nearly 13mb? Which means it takes a while to load. Somebody in a hurry, or just lazy?

    So if some one gets email notifications, they can see this come through and choose not to read it? No notification of when it was "seen" in the chat history would mean you couldn't prove the other party ever received it, correct?

      I would have thought that would be the case too..

    Like 2dknigs so correctly put. Where is the law that states i have to open and view a message sent to me through a social media account? I plead ignorance to the msg ever being sent.

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