iPhone Day 2014: Here's Every Store Launch In The Country

Need to get your iPhone 6 fix tomorrow morning but don't want to comb through stupid telco websites to find out who's open when? Don't stress. Lifehacker Australia has painstakingly combed through it all for you to find every store that's opening early around the nation selling the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Check it out. [Lifehacker]

Are you getting an iPhone tomorrow? Tell us which one in the comments!


    Been to the Telstra shop on Saturday to pre-order a phone: No pre-orders taken in the shop yet, only online (and the website was overloaded since Friday 5pm). But buyers are expected to camp there from about 4am in the morning to get a phone.
    As much as I want an iPhone 6, I have a life.

      Ditto. Its even worse trying to preorder an iPhone 6 Plus which Apple seem to have made ten of in total. I'm keen to get one, but happy to wait a few weeks till the madness settles down.

        You're more likely to wait until after Christmas.

          Everywhere is saying four weeks, are you saying this based on anything or just being a grinch?

            I've been hearing "4 weeks" too. But sadly I suspect that may mean "4 weeks till they sell out instantly, and you are left waiting 4 weeks again".

              Isn't that the whole reason you order it... get your name on a list?

              I just got Virgin to do an upgrade for me now, they can't process it but the loyalty guys are putting it through first thing in the morning and calling me to confirm.

                Telstra aren't taking preorders for the Plus yet, only the regular iPhone 6. AFAIK you can only "register your interest" in the Plus, or try your luck lining up for the limited stock tomorrow.

                Good luck getting your hand on one with Virgin. Hope you get lucky :) .

      Hmmm, I pre-ordered online from Telstra on Saturday morning with no problems (the website was completely fine, unlike Friday afternoon). It shipped today.

        Enjoy! I very nearly did the same, but decided to hang in there for the Plus.

      Just got my priority ticket with my 128 plus attached to it form my telstra shop, no need to queue, I have a booking at 8am. :)

    Managed to pre-order over the phone from Optus on Friday. After the initial meltdown, I had some dinner and came back a couple hours later, and ordered with no issues at all. They called me a couple days later to confirm it's being delivered on Friday. Fingers crossed.

    Not picking my iPhone 6 128GB up until tomorrow evening from Apple, I got lucky and reserved the last 4.7" in the store.

    Apparently my gold 128gb 4.7" is in the mail for delivery tomorrow morning. Actually that's how it's been on launch day for iPhone 5, 5S and now 6 for me so really I don't understand why people line up?!

      The excitement? The chance to get on the highlight reel for the upcoming event in October?

        And be one of the half KM long queue and hope to spot yourself in a highlights reel? Please...

        This says it all:
        "Meanwhile 20 minutes before some suburban Telstra stores were set to open — also selling the iPhones — the lines were practically non-existent."

    no no no i am a win phone fan i have my lumia 930 love it

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