How To Roll Back Back To iOS 8

How to Go Back to iOS 8 and Get Your Cell Service Working Again

If you just updated your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you might have noticed your mobile signal and TouchID have died a swift death. But fear not! There is a way to downgrade back to iOS 8 and restore full functionality while Apple patches the update. Here's how to do it.

Of course, doing this will delete everything off your iPhone. But if you need reception for any reason before Apple takes care of the bug, it's pretty much your only option.

Backup to iTunes or iCloud.

With you phone plugged into your computer, open iTunes to the device screen. Make sure you have This Computer selected and hit Back Up Now.

How to Go Back to iOS 8 and Get Your Cell Service Working Again

Download the iOS 8.0 firmware.

Go to this website. Enter your device, the model, and under the firmware menu, pick iOS 8.0. Then plug your phone into iTunes, and with the device window open, hold alt/option for Mac and shift for Windows while you click Restore. Next, select the .ipsw file you just downloaded, and wait while your phone wipes itself clean.

Do not restore from a backup at any point.

Yes, you will lose all your photos, text messages, music, what have you, but restoring that stuff also mean choking your service. You can get it all back from the backup you made initially once Apple has fixed the update. So remember, this is just temporary — we hope.



    Lots of bad publicity for Apple the last few days. Has the stock price tumbled?

      I highly doubt it after the hundred million units sold. Apple are offering free replacements for bent units and the ios8 will be patched and forgotten about.

      I'm not am iPhone user but even I can see that these things are blown out of proportion because iphones are popular. Nobody seems to mind about the thousands of faulty Samsung S4 batteries and the fact that the charging flap on every second S5 has broken.

      Last edited 25/09/14 9:53 am

      Nothing significant.. Just your day to day stuff. Mendoza hits the nail on the head.

    Meh - all software breaks - it's an unfortunate fact of life ... particularly when there are numerous interested parties including the carrier partners who also have to be involved in mobile OS updates.

    Some of our clients have been caught out too though.

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