Google Will Apparently Replace Your Nexus 5 No Matter How You Broke It

Google Will Apparently Replace Your Nexus 5 No Matter How You Broke It

Did you bust your Nexus 5 smartphone? Don't sweat it — users are saying that the Play Store will send you a brand-new (refurbished) handset for free, no matter how you broke yours. Google hasn't confirmed the offer just yet, but it seems legit.

This isn't the first no-questions-asked smartphone replacement policy; Motorola and HTC both offer free replacements for certain damaged phones. And it's likely that Google's offer is a way to clear out the company's stockpile of Nexus 5 devices, which has been on the market for nearly a year.

Still, it's hard to argue with free, especially if you broke your Nexus in a fit of clumsiness and have nobody but yourself to blame. It seems to be region-specific, and the offer is limited to users who bought their phones through the Google Play Store. But if you have a busted Nexus, it can't hurt to give Google a call and see if you qualify. [Google+ via 9to5Google]


    Aus Gizmodo, US number. Reporting/10

    In the U.S., that number is (855) 836-3987

    And in Australia?

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      In Australia we get screwed. I would of thought you'd be getting used to that by now.

        Was more-so getting at Giz and their lack of localising their reposts.

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          Thought you'd be getting use to that to :)

        Nah, I'm in au and google replaced my lady's phone 2 weeks ago, no problem!searchin/nexus/rebooting$20randomly/nexus/9oaP6mmqF7s

      It is literally the first line on the link you clicked to get the US Number - 1800-093-181

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        Giz edited the article.
        Originally they didn't provide a link - simply the US number.

        Just edited my original comment to show it as a quote.

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    so is this true for australian customers or what

    Yes it's true for Australian customers as well. I had my Nexus 4 replaced last year and my mate recently had his Nexus 5 replaced after he dropped and broke the screen. Google warranty > all warranties.

    I just got off the phone with Google AU, and can confirm that they DO NOT cover accidental damages. Therefore, this article is incorrect in claiming that Google will replace your Nexus 5 "no matter how you broke" it.

      Can also confirm this, the operator said because i am in Australia they cannot offer a warranty repair or replacement for my Nexus 5 that has a cracked screen (accidental or otherwise).

      She kindly referred me to 1300 LG CARE

    Does "brand-new (refurbished)" sound like an oxymoron to anyone else?

    Called Google Australia. The man was aware of the rumour. Says its not true. He had an american accent as well for what it's worth. So either its total bollocks, or Australia gets ignored as usual.

    *looks at cracked Nexus 5 and dies a little inside* I'm sorry old girl, you're not going to be made beautiful again.

    Just called the Australian support number, was asked if I was currently located in the US (answered "no", as I am not) and was told this offer is only available in the US at this time and to contact LG as the manufacturer and they would be able to assist further with any repairs required for my device. :-(

    Just pulled my phone from my pocket to discover a cracked screen on my N5. Called Google and they said too bad we can't help you. Called LG and they said call your carrier. I am like what? I bought it outright on the playstore what can they do. I am seriously so pissed and will never buy another Nexus again.

    Called, All Bullocks. No repair. I had iphone before, ill go back to apple once my contract finishes just because of their excellant customer service. Android better, hardware crap and service absolutely crap. Why they refer to LG? I bought phone direct from google play. Invoice originated from google. Phone is google nexus. Why lg for warrenty/repair? When my toyota breaks down, toyota repairs it, they dont send me off to the company who manafactured the broken part.

    Just got a free replacement from Google for my Nexus 5 with cracked screen, no issues. Called them on Saturday, phone was delivered to Sydney from Hong Kong. Just need to book a courier to collect my old phone.

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