Explore ‘Destiny’ With Google Street View

Explore ‘Destiny’ With Google Street View

I can’t wait to play Destiny again. Six days out from the launch of Bungie’s massive new game, the company has teamed up with Google to create something amazing: Planet View. It’s Google Street View set inside the world of Destiny.

The site grabs your location and pulls out to show you our solar system and all the planets you can explore in Destiny, from Mars, Earth through to Venus.

The tour guides you through waypoints in the game and lets you look at historical information about the locations in a bid to expose the world to the lore of the game before its release. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

The best part is that the incredible music of Destiny swells around you as you explore the galaxy. So worth it.

Destiny hits store shelves on 9 September. Hurry up! [Destiny Planet View]