Disney's New Big Hero 6 Trailer Is As Delightful As The First

Big Hero 6 is Disney's first attempt at creating a film based on Marvel comics. This isn't Spider-Man or The Avengers, mind you. This film is a different take on 1998's relatively obscure Sunfire and Big Hero 6 comic, but despite its sub-superstar status in the comics world, the film looks amazing.

As in the previous trailer for Big Hero 6, we see Baymax, our protagonist's Michelin Man-like robot, continuously bumping into everything and being adorably clumsy. However, we do get a brief glimpse of Baymax's origin story in this trailers opening few seconds as well as another look at city of San Fransokyo, an obvious mash up of San Francisco and Tokyo.

Although it works with Marvel source material, the directors have said that Big Hero 6 won't actually factor into the ever-expanding Marvel universe and that they'd rather call the film a "super nerd" movie than the superhero description it's unwillingly adopted. The film is set to release on Boxing Day. [YouTube]

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