Can-Am Is Still Making Three-Wheeled Motorbikes, And Now There's A New One

Honestly, I don't understand the hate surrounding the Can-Am Spyder. It's a motorbike/trike with two wheels at the back and a single wheel at the front. To me it honestly, looks like a trike that George Clooney's Batman would ride if it were all black and had guns poking out the front. Despite the hate for the Spyder, Can-Am went ahead and made a new one, and it looks pretty awesome.

It's called the Spyder F3, and from the front it looks like someone shrunk down a sports car.

The F3 has a new high-torque Rotax 1330 engine which claims a range of 400km+ per tank of fuel. It's also packing a new stability system, beefed up frame and a whole mess of accessories so you can do what you want with your awesome-looking trike.

It has MASSIVE new alloy wheels on either side, and a more elevated riding position than other Can-Am Spyders.

It starts at as near to $US20,000 as makes no difference, but I still want one.

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