Brutally Honest Trailer Shows How Godzilla Was Such A Terrible Movie

Brutally honest trailer shows how Godzilla was such a terrible movie

I really thought Godzilla was going to be cool. I mean the the teaser had that sick HALO jump scene and the cast had a post-Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston with an always watchable Ken Watanabe and oh yeah, GODZILLA! There was no way they were going to screw it up like they did in 1998. And yet, they did.

Spoilers abound in Screen Junkies' hilariously honest trailer of Godzilla but boy was the movie a terrible waste of time. You get 11 minutes of Godzilla (seriously) and only a teeny tad more time with everybody's favourite actors. The rest of the movie is basically a long sleep inducing soundtrack.

The honest trailer is so much more fun than the actual movie.

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