Breakfast Wrap: Wednesday Night's Top Stories From IFA 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Hands-On: One Weird-Looking Smartphone You'll either love or hate that dip.

Sony SmartBand Is An E-Ink Wristable That Works With A Snap Anyone else think it feels pricey for its simple looks?

Sony QX1: A Weird Interchageable-Lens Camera You Strap To Your Phone For the price of a point-and-shoot, you can get this for your existing cameraphone.

Toshiba Encore Mini First Of A Slew Of Cheap Windows Tablets This will be one of the most affordable ways to get Windows on tablet.

Acer R13 And R14: Overhauled Convertibles That Look Oddly Familiar Another Windows hybrid machine to add to your shortlist.

Picture: Shutterstock

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