Beautiful Music Of A String Quartet Visualised As Colourful Dot Clouds

Beautiful music of a string quartet visualized as colourful dot clouds

This cool video — produced by the New York Times — tries to explain the mystery of how a quartet communicates by transforming their movements into vivid data. Every member of the quartet plays a different and very complex rhythm, but when the four combine, the result is surprisingly harmonious.

Watch the interactive video of the Kronos Quartet playing Canção Verdes Anos and Aheym.

They found themselves surrounded by a battery of laptops, video cameras and microphones as well as sensors that turned their movements into data that eventually rendered the players kind of as "dot clouds" who would appear and disappear according to their individual participation in the music.

The members of the Kronos Quartet explain why the music of a string quartet is so unique and complicated: When I first saw this Radiohead's House of Cards video popped into my mind.

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