Beartooth Radio Turns Your Smartphone Into A Walkie-Talkie

Beartooth Radio Turns Your Smartphone Into a Walkie-Talkie

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular amongst backcountry types, as a decent option for communication when the shit hits the fan. However, if you just want to chat to your partner a mile away, you still need a two-way radio — or at least you did.

That's the problem Beartooth Radio is trying to solve with their snazzy smartphone case, which will use short-range radio frequencies to allow you to talk to another Beartooth user within about a two-mile range. In addition, you can also send encrypted texts (perfect for the log-cabin-dwelling NSA-hating survivalist type in your life), share your location, and send out a distress signal. It operates on the same FRS frequency as standard Walmart two-way radios, so you don't need an operating licence like you would for more powerful radio sets, either.

Surprisingly at this stage for a tech startup, there's no Kickstarter, but you can pre-order (no price yet) now for delivery sometime in 2015. Just don't get lost on a mountain quite yet. [GearJunkie]

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