Ball-Balancing Robot Cheerleaders Make For One Heart-Warming Tech Demo

If you're an electronics company that builds cutting-edge sensors the average consumer never actually sees in a device, how do you go about promoting your work? Japan's Murata does so by building adorable little robots capable of impressive stunts — like riding unicycles or performing cheerleader routines while balancing on rolling balls — and then sending them to endless trade shows to delight weary attendees.

Who wouldn't want to buy 10,000 (minimal purchase) balance sensors after seeing this tiny cheerleader squad perfectly perform their pre-choreographed routine, like a miniature Cirque du Soleil troupe? It's just too bad Murata has no intention of selling these little bots, they could be the perfect tool Amazon needs to promote and get people excited about the Fire Phone. [Murata via Diginfo TV]

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