Australian iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Pre-Orders Start Tonight

Can't wait to get your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Pre-orders from Apple and all of the carriers start tonight. Here's when you'll need to crack out the credit card.

Apple will open its pre-orders tonight on its store page at 5pm AEST.

Carriers have similar opening times for their pre-orders, with 5pm AEST listed for Telstra and 5:01pm AEST listed for Vodafone. We expect Optus and Virgin to have similar times.

The phones start shipping on 19 September, and if you're one of the fans who wants to get in line for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you'll be waiting until 8am AEST on that Friday morning.

We'll bring you carrier pricing throughout the day as we get it. [Lifehacker]



    Carriers are saying (especially Telstra) that pricing won't be released until 5pm which I think is completely stupid.

    i heard that you can only preorder the iphone 6 not the iphone 6 plus
    has anyone heard the same thing?

      Both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be shipped to Australia but it's not known how many units of the 6 Plus will be shipped

      I called Vodafone and Telstra. Both reps confirmed that the pre-orders are only for iPhone 6 and not iPhone 6 Plus. Bummer.

      nop but i saw it when i try on optus pre-order page you can only choose the 6 right noght GRrrrr i want 6 plus x')

    Dont pre-order folks.. Dont do it!!! You'll be sorrry!!!

      Why...please explain! Just cannot leave an open statement like that. Lol

    Just want to advise people before ordering to think about risen camera and possible noise it will make for certain vibrating on the table.
    And then don't tell you haven't been advised.

    "Customers just put it on the table inappropriately, or use tables incompatible with iPhone 6 (no small holes for the camera ring)"

    disclaimer: I do have iPhone and will consider the new one AFTER trying it.

    Last edited 12/09/14 10:18 am

      Put it face down?

      That really seems like a very minor issue.

      I try to never put my phone down directly on hard surfaces anyway. Usually on a notebook or something so it is less likely to get scratched.


    Preorder and then sell that badboy to all the late comers for a tasty profit!

      How so? Do you expect a long shortage of new iPhones?

        So looks like the plus could have been a good reselling phone!

    Reason's I won't be pre-ordering.

    1. No one knows if you can jailbreak the A8 chip on iOS 8
    2. I'm still paying off my 5S with Telstra
    3. I can live with a 4" screen until then


        I'm trying to work out if that was meant as sarcasm, also who gives a down vote for facts, that's not right

          Definite sarcasm haha, look at your downvotes.

          I was just flicking through all the posts and when I read yours I was like.... why is this guy telling us about his contract haha, it's so specific to your situation.

          Nothing personal man, just found it weird.

            Nothing against you, I just found it weird that the above was very relevant because you can only get phones on contracts with telcos.

            At the end of the day down votes mean nothing, I just found it hilarious because it shows how faceless the online world is.

              You could sell your 5S to somebody on the same carrier and buy the 6 outright. Contracts aren't the only way to buy phones (but certainly the better option).

                Yeah, maybe. I guess the alcohol later on will help me decide.

            This one time, at phone camp...

    Does anyone know if Vodafone Pre-Order is online or by phone?

    optus have a banner next to the new phones saying some stuff about getting a new phone with their new plans.... i'm assuming those are the plans for the new iphones

    Just talked to an optus rep.
    Apparently only the iPhone 6, not the iPhone 6 Plus will be available for pre-order tonight.
    If we want to get it on a plan we will be forced to wait until the 19th to buy it.

    No pre-order at all for the 6 plus. :(

      I can confirm this, i just got off the phone from Optus. Apparently Apple are only allowing iphone 6 to be pre ordered, not 6+. Unless Optus are just saying this to pass the buck. Some how it seems like an Apple thing to do.

      Not what I got told by Optus. I'm getting email sent out to pre order my iPhone 6 plus

    Based on the on-contract prices Apple announced, here are the US prices per month:
    iPhone 6 - $8.30 – 16GB / $12.45 – 64GB / $16.60 - 128GB
    iPhone 6 Plus - $12.45 – 16GB / $16.60 – 64GB / $20.80 – 128GB

    So if we get slogged an extra $100, here’s what we can expect for handset costs per month on a 24 months contract:
    iPhone 6 - $12.45 – 16GB / $16.60 - 64GB / $20.80 - 128GB
    iPhone 6 Plus - $16.60 - 16GB / $20.80 – 64GB / $24.95 – 128GB

    No doubt there will be some carrier subsidies and/or premiums to complicate it..

    Last edited 12/09/14 11:42 am

      Most of them still have the iPhone 5s plans with the old pricing. Ie an iPhone 5s 32gb use to cost $999 outright and is available on Telstra $70 M plan for $83/month so its safe to say the iPhone 6 64gb would cost the same since its now $999 outright.

    assuming its the same as last year with the iphone5s, why would you pre order when you can just pick one up from JBHIFI on the day?

      So that you can get one delivered to your house instead of needing to go to JB Hi-Fi..

    So pre orders start at 12.01........ apple store still offline

    i could not make any pre-order. it is sold out already?

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