Argentina Is Using Drones To Hunt Down Tax-Evading Mansions

Argentina Is Using Drones To Hunt Down Tax-Evading Mansions

Officials in Argentina had a sneaking suspicion about property tax evasion, so they sent sent out some camera-equipped drones to look at a mostly vacant part of town. What’d they find? Oh, just 200 luxury houses that hadn’t been registered, according to the Telegraph. That’s pretty flagrant.

The $US10,000 unmanned aircraft, often used by security forces, were flown over an area near Buenos Aires, and judging by what they found, the dragnet was a winner. Authorities say 200 large homes, built with “premium materials”, were pinpointed on properties that had been registered with the tax office as “vacant lots”. The investigation also found 100 swimming pools that hadn’t been noted on tax forms.

All told, the newly-discovered property improvements add up to more than $US2 million in missing taxes. The property owners involved now face some serious fines.

Remember kids, crime doesn’t pay — especially when you’re flouting the law with something as big as a house and hoping that nobody sees it. [The Telegraph]

Picture: AP