Apple: iPhone 6 Plus Won’t Bend Under Normal Use

Following an internet uproar over the apparent bendability of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has finally responded by asking everyone to just calm down: CNBC Tech says the company has only heard nine complaints so far about bendy phones, and Apple asserts that under normal everyday use, they’ll hold up just fine. Nine is certainly a small number given the 10 million iPhones Apple sold (although it’s not clear how many of those were 6 versus 6 Plus) in just the first three days it was available. And one would imagine that if the mere act of carrying the phone around in your pocket were enough to bend your big phone, it would have happened to more people by now.

But it’s still not clear what “everyday use” means to Apple, and it’s still a science fact that an aluminum rectangle as tall and thin as the iPhone 6 Plus (or any of a number of large smartphones) is going to be prone to some bending if handled aggressively.

So, yes, under brutal treatment, the iPhone 6 Plus will definitely bend more than other handsets as evidenced by this highly unscientific test:

The question is whether the new phone is so fragile that it can’t stand up to the everyday pocketing, phoning and texting you expect a phone to endure. It’s possible that the iPhone 6 Plus actually does bend a little with normal daily use: Wired’s Mat Honan found an “almost imperceptible” bend in the iPhone he was reviewing. Will this happen to most 6 Plus users? Will the slightly-deformed phones continue to bend until they’re twisted-up garbage piles?

To really find that out, it’ll take time; the phone has only been on the market for six days, after all. But if Apple’s complaint rate is anything to go by, your big flat phone is hopefully not about to turn into U any time soon.

Picture: Unbox Therapy/YouTube