Another Hint At Netflix's Inevitable Australian Launch

Netflix is coming to Australia! Probably. Maybe. I don't know, actually, and I'm not going to pretend that I do. One hint that the US-based streaming video giant is planning an Australian expansion, though, is the fact that it has secured the exclusive Australian streaming rights to Warner Bros' Gotham.

Picked up by the eagle eyes of the Australian Financial Review, the deal between Warner Bros and Netflix sees the international online video leader get exclusive subscription video on demand (SVOD) rights to Gotham in the Australian licensing territory. Why would Netflix pick up the exclusive rights unless it intended to use them?

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It's entirely likely that it could have been part of a catch-all deal between Netflix and Warner Bros, or Netflix could simply be paying to keep potential competitors from enjoying a rise in subscriber numbers while it evaluates its position. It's more exciting, though, to think that this is part of an imminent local announcement.

Gotham is the story of the titular crime-plagued finctional city and of Bruce Wayne before he became Batman, with actor Ben McKenzie of The OC fame in the leading role as detective Jim Gordon. It will premiere internationally on Monday 22nd September, with Nine showing the series on Aussie TV, but unless Netflix is planning on a snap announcement on the day of, it's unlikely we'll see it online in Australia any time soon. [AFR]

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    One can only hope that Netflix is the white knight that destroys evil Rupert's domination of Australian media. That would be great to see.

      Murdoch is Fox. There is still Village Roadshow and others.

      Taking out News Corp will not make the problem go away because the problem is with the rights holders and the distribution industry as a whole.

    I bet we'll still get half the content and have to pay the Australia Tax of 300%.

      Not expecting price equity with the US. That would be too much of a dent in Scrooge McDuck's money bin. Even double the price would be a substantial improvement. Rupe and Content Australia wants to keep stabbing us in the front... vain hope Netflix can improve the situation.

    As long as we get the same content... or almost.. at least

    I read on The Age earlier today that:

    "Nine Entertainment holds the broadcast, first-run, and in-season catch up rights to Gotham.
    Netflix, should it launch in Australia, will not be able to stream the show until after the linear broadcast of each season on Nine. It's understood Nine will air Gotham later this year.
    A Nine Network representative said any SVOD service would not be able to stream Gotham in Australia until a year after the broadcast premiere of the show on Nine."

    So maybe not as good as it sounds.

      TBH it's what I expect Netflix to do, put it up after it airs, not during, or before. It's still be nice to have then get a more Hulu styled constant stream of TV

    Same principle as domain name camping... buy the rights to a domain name you know someone else wants, sell it to them with a trumped up surcharge...

    The content will never match that of the US version of Netflix. Use a DNS service like and you can get the US Netflix version today.

    Does this mean that all the Australians watching Gotham on Netflix using VPN are doing so legally?

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