An Electric Wakeboard Is Probably The Best Way To Spend $22,000

An Electric Wakeboard is Probably The Best Way to Spend $US20,000

If you've ever wanted to go wakeboarding, but thought "Man! Those ski boats are expensive!", then never fear: the budget wakeboarding option is here.

For just €15,000 ($22,000), Swedish entrepeneurs Alexander Lind and Philip Werner will sell you a jet-propelled, electrically-powered wakeboard. Using a salt-water-resistant jet, their creation (dubbed Radinn) will get you up to around 50km/h, where the conventional wakeboard bindings give you enough control to pull some huge turns — think longboarding, but on water.

For what it's worth, the promo video does seem to show them having a blast — cruising around perfectly flat canals, low to the water, without being dragged behind a boat looks like serious fun. I'm just not sure that you can call it wakeboarding. [Radinn via Gizmag]

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