Amazon Beat Google To Buy The .Buy Domain Name For $US4.5 Million

Amazon Beat Google to Buy the .Buy Domain Name for $US4.5 Million

Amazon — king of selling stuff on the interwebz — just paid a cool $US4.5 million to buy the rights to the .Buy top-level-domain, beating out Google in the process.

The auction, held by internet boss ICANN, involved the sale of three of the fancy new top-level domains (TLDs) that have been created in the past few years: .buy, .tech and .VIP. Although Google bid on all three TLDs, Amazon emerged victorious for the .buy domain, while Dot Tech (seemingly a standard domain-registry company) managed to snag .tech for a frankly insane $US6.7 million.

Now, of course, we wait to see what Bezos will want to do with his new .buy plaything. Maybe, for him, it's just another breakfast octopus. [DNW]

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