A Syringe Slingshot Somehow Makes Needles Even More Terrifying

It might be a common fear, but being afraid of needles is completely understandable. Who in their right mind likes being jabbed with a long, thin metal tube? No one. And while Joerg Sprave’s heart might be in the right place with his latest creation, it’s hard not to be even more terrified of just the concept of a syringe slingshot, let alone seeing it in action.

Similar to how it’s actually best to just quickly tear off a bandage to minimize the pain, Joerg’s syringe slingshot is supposed to make getting a shot slightly less awful through the element of surprise. On the upside, it delivers its medicinal payload in the blink of an eye. But on the downside, it requires a nurse to have impeccable aim, which is probably not something they’re explicitly trained for in medical school.