A Chemistry Set Spice Rack Puts Science In The Spotlight At Supper Time

A Chemistry Set Spice Rack Puts Science in the Spotlight At Supper Time

Even something as simple as making toast involves a whole lot of complex science that most of us don't even think about. But when dinner preparation involves a chemistry set full of spices, you'll be hard pressed to not wonder about all the chemical reactions going down in your dinner.

This $US50 14-piece set includes nine test tubes with sealed rubber stoppers, three lab flasks with perforated stoppers for sprinkling out seasoning, and a 300mL flask with a pouring spout for your favourite oil, and a metal carrying tray to keep everything wrangled. The set also comes with labels for common spices, including a fake elemental symbol for each to further make them look the part. Just don't invite your chemistry professor over for dinner and you should be fine. [Perpetual Kid via The Red Ferret Journal]

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