A Blueprint-Style Catalogue Of Man's Greatest Erections

A Blueprint-Style Catalogue of Man's Greatest Erections

Do you love architecture? Like, really, really love it? The Schematic of Structures is the latest poster by the chronic catalogers at Popchartlab, showing bitty, blueprint-esque icons of famous constructions from Stonehenge to the Burj Khalifa. Owning one and hanging it on your wall would be a great way to publicly show your appreciation for mankind's most significant erections — you know, the building kind.

It's a lot of usual suspects — the Empire State and Eiffel are represented, duh — with some unexpected and less immediately recognisable silhouettes making the cut as well (I had to look up Borobudur, which looks incredible in actual pics). Each is labelled with name, location, date, height, and style, which is just enough to pique interest to go deep diving for more info.

A Blueprint-Style Catalogue of Man's Greatest Erections

An 18-inch by 24-inch print will set you back $US23, sans-frame — not half bad for an architectural world tour. [Popchartlab]

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