$US9000 Gets You Access To Facebook For Oligarchs

$9,000 Gets You Access to Facebook For Oligarchs

Back when apps were new and cool and edgy, someone made an iPhone app that did quite literally nothing but prove that you're a baller. Now that social networks are new and cool and edgy (or they used to be), someone's made the same concept: a Facebook country club, if you will.

Netropolitan bills itself as "the online country club for people with more money than time", and basically, it seems to be like Facebook, but you have to pay $US9000 ($US6000 'initiation fee' and $US3000 annual membership) to join it. Despite calling itself a country club, it doesn't offer any of the typical country club amenities you might expect when you're forking over three grand, like towels or doormen or pool facilities. Or even a putting green.

Sceptical? Well, Netropolitan has said that at launch, it already had "several hundred" beta testers actual users onboard; though in keeping with their 'unbreakable' secrecy policy, they won't say if there's any celebrities in the ranks — the only way to find out is to join up. Anyone got some spare cash? [Netropolitan via CNN]

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