16 Inventors Who Were Killed By Their Own Inventions

Rozier Romain

Inventions have been boosting economic growth and productivity since the dawn of man. Unsurprisingly, it is the inventor who is often the early tester of those inventions. And unfortunately, some of those inventions pose deadly risks.

With the help of Wikipedia, we've compiled a short list of brilliant engineers, scientists, and old-fashioned daredevils who fell victim to their own ideas.

Originally published on Business Insider

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    Didn't the bloke who invented the Segway ride one off a cliff? Or is that just an urban legend?

      dont think it was the inventor, but the guy that bought segway.

      Good question let me google that for you.

        Thank you kind sir/maddam. Turns out @rukus was right. He bought the company that makes them, then rode one off a cliff and subsequently died from the injuries he sustained. Ironic, but not one to make the list!

    how bout that last slide. got me hungry for some cheese over here.

    How about Thomas Midgley Jr:


    He invented CFC (responsible for Ozone Layer depletion) and he also invented Leaded Petrol.

    He got an illness later in life which made him disabled. He invented a system of pulleys and strings to help him in/out of bed. He got entangled in the pulley system and died from strangulation.

    What about specialist doctors who die of their own specialty, which is not contagious or ""catching". .?

    Francis Bacon died trying to refrigerate a chicken, by stuffing it with snow. He wasn't the original inventor of refrigeration but he was one of the first Western pioneers.

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