Watch The Art In This Gallery Transform When The Lights Go Out

Watch The Art In This Gallery Transform When The Lights Go Out

What happens when the lights go out in a Williamsburg gallery? All kinds of cool stuff. Brooklyn- and Barcelona-based graphic designer Alex Trochut has adorned Kinfolk 94 with a series of his trippy glow-in-the-dark art, and the results are pretty awesome.

Trochut picked pics for his Binary Prints based on a kind of “city lifestyle” he fell into after spending a year and a half in Manhattan. “I tried to find a visual connection between opposites,” he said of the show. “Attraction to destruction; the animal side to human things; want versus need.” The effect is a bit of a mind-bender and eye-opener, where crosses turn into pert butts, lipstick transforms into a bullet, and pills morph into a grenade.

His portraits of musicians follow in this same featured theme; straightforward photographed faces get funky makeovers once the lamps are switched off, but the new look all but disappears when the power’s turned up again.

Each image is produced with what he calls a “simple screen-print” of three inks: first black, then glow-in-the-dark, and finally one that dulls that layer until it’s time to shine.

If you make it to Kinfolk 94, apparently there’s a remote they will let you wield to make things go all wonky on your own time — just like you’re back in your rad little college dorm room all over again. Strobe light! [designboom]