Watch Out Moto 360, LG's Gorgeous Android Wear Watch Is Coming

Watch Out Moto 360, There's Another Gorgeous Android Wear Watch

Motorola's 360 was the first beautiful round Android Wear, but it's certainly not the last. LG is bringing one to the table as well, the LG G Watch R. Not to be outdone, LG's second Android Wear outing has a few fancy special features of its own: No "flat tire" on its screen and a ring of ticks etched around the outside.

The LG G Watch R sports a 1.3-inch P-OLED display, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, a best-in-class 410mAh battery (better than the G Watch and the Gear Live though we still don't know what the 360 has), a heart rate monitor, and is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in three feet of water.

Watch Out Moto 360, There's Another Gorgeous Android Wear Watch

As for that face, you'll notice the lack of a black-spot at the bottom, like the one you can't unsee on the Moto 360 — a point LG is keen to drive home, (rightfully) calling the G Watch R the first wearable to use "100 per cent of its circular display."

As for the tick marks around the side? Yes, those are etched in, so expect any pure digital watchface to look a little goofy. But what are you doing using a digital watchface on a beautiful round screen anyway? Besides, this is exactly this kind of hardware innovation that will make Android Wear devices fun and different if also occasionally weird and dumb.

The G Watch R will be available later this year with price announced at launch.



    This is the first smart watch I have seen that I would not be embarrassed to have on my wrist.

      that's exactly what I was thinking... then the story mentioned heart rate monitor...
      I'm sold.

      going to preorder this where ever I can

        Moto 360 has that too.

    Hopefully it's available to buy in Australia (like the original G watch which i'm wearing right now)

    If only they came with decent bands.

      This is the first one that I've actually really loved the band on!

    I reckon this looks better than Moto 360. I prefer the more 'classical' style watches rather than moto 360's simplistic look (too simple for like liking). If only it had a leather band and a battery life that lasted around a week, then it would be sold for the masses ... Anyone agree?

    Well, the reason it doesn't have a "flat tyre" is because of how wide that bezel is. Will be interesting to see just how big this actually is in real life (not these renders).

    I do like the more traditional look, however. Less ultra modern like the 360. I'd want to see them side-by-side I reckon.

    If only they didn't look like cheap plastic watches.

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