Timeful: The Calendar App That Wants To Control Your Life And Intelligently Manage Your World

Feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get done what needs doing? This app pledges to help with that. It's called Timeful, and not only does it look after stuff like your appointments, but it also learns your habits and slots things you ought to be doing into your day to increase your chance of doing them.

Timeful is all about building good habits. Instead of just following your calendar to the minute for the day then neglecting stuff like going to get groceries or working out, Timeful helps by slotting stuff in where you have time.

The whole theory behind Timeful is that if you put something in your calendar, you're more likely to actually do it.

Setting up Timeful is just a matter of pairing it with a Google Calendar or iCal account, and then setting up a few habits you'd like to get into. From there, the app finds time in your day for these activities based around your sleep and work schedules and magically schedules it for you.

Timeful also incorporates a to-do list into the app experience and automatically slots those into your calendar for you as well.

Sadly, it's iOS-only at this point. You can download it for free from the iTunes Store. [TechCrunch]

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