This Yo-Yo World Champ's Skills Are Mesmerising

This Yo-Yo World Champ's Skills Are Mesmerising

When I was in second grade, Duncan, the well-known yo-yo maker, came to my school with a cadre of talented teenagers in tow. They shot the moon, walked the dog, and cats cradled their way into my heart. Although I'm sure Duncan was just there to hawk some merchandise (in which they totally succeeded), the art of yo-yo is fascinating.

Yesterday, the World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague wrapped up with California native Gentry Stein taking the top prize — and his skills are completely mind blowing. So let's all take a moment and wonder at this constantly spinning cobweb of yo-yo greatness, while I go hunt for my 20-year-old Duncan. [C3yoyodesign/YouTube]


    My 45 year-old Coca Cola yoyos have wooden axles with a cotton string loop, and can spin for not much more than 30 seconds. This guy must have some serious hi-tech bearings in his and had years of practice. AWESOME.

      Yep he sure does. Major difference between his yoyo and yours is that his is unresponsive, so you need to 'bind' it to get it back on the string.

      There is an Aussie company that makes world class yoyo's called Werrd.

    Awesome. Quite relevant to me atm as well as my son is trying to learn how to use one and it has taken me back to my childhood and loving the yoyo. Actually looked up prices of high end yo-yo's and was amazed they are up over $100 now and that is without the added extra's that apparently make them better.

    I bet he gets all the ladies with them skillz.

    My school went through a yo-yo craze when the ProYo2 came out and was heavily advertised on TV. I never saw an original one.

    Did the Indians have yoyos?

      I think I read somewhere that it was a Filipino weapon originally. (Attribution req.)

    He didn't walk the dog, or do a nutcracker. I can do both of those things - obviously order is important here.

    This guy is going to be so awesome in 1986. Can't wait.

    At the start of the gif, the yoyo goes high right, but his knee goes left. That's an amateur mistake. He manages to get the second one correct.

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