This Motorbike Uses Bacon For Fuel

This Motorbike Uses Bacon For Fuel

Biofuel was to be the saviour for our petrol-powered needs and while development is ongoing, it has yet to take over the world, with LPG and electric vehicles proving more popular alternatives. That hasn’t stopped US food company Hormel, best known as the makers of spam, from converting a diesel motorcycle into one that can run on bacon. It even smells like bacon when you ride it.

As pointed out over at The Awesomer, the bike in question is a Track T-800 CDI, modified to accept B100 (pure) biodiesel. Technically, the bike takes fuel converted from bacon grease, not the meat itself, as we can all agree that would be a terrible, terrible waste of the delicious foodstuff.

The grease is sourced from Hormel’s own facilities and converted into B100. In the clip below, it’s explained that a pound (0.45kg) of grease converts roughly into a gallon (3.78L) of fuel, with the cost being $US3.50 per gallon. That works out to be $US0.92 per litre, a fair discount on ordinary petrol (by our standards).

It’s part of a promotion cross-country tour of the US called “Driven by Bacon”, naturally orchestrated by Hormel.

Would you want to ride a bacon-scented motorbike? I guess anything is better than carbon monoxide.

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