This Is The World’s Smallest 3G Modem

Intel's XMM 6255 is a 3G Modem that measures in at around 300sq mm, making it the world's tiniest modem as the company prepares to stake its claim in the Internet of Things.

The XMM 6255 combines a dual-band HSPA 3G Modem with a fully integrated power amplifier and management solution, and it's Intel's pitch towards iOT devices and wearables. It's not just tiny for the sake of it either, as there's a direct correlation between the size of integrated components and the heat output and power wastage of those components. A smaller modem can run cooler and more efficiently, and that's especially important in mobile gadgets such as wearables and smartphones.

As with a lot of Intel's integrated solutions you're not likely to head out and buy an XMM 6255 per se unless you're an OEM yourself, but we can expect to see it in devices in the future.


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