This Flat-Pack Water Bottle Can Squeeze Inside A Laptop Bag

A backpack has plenty of pouches and pockets for storing a water bottle, but a sleek messenger bag? Good luck fitting a Nalgene in there without an unsightly bulge. You’ll either need to go without and keep an eye out for drinking fountains, or toss a few dollars towards these Kickstarted flat-pack water bottles.

Called the memobottles because they’re designed to match the dimensions of letter, A4 and A5-sized documents, the largest version can hold up to 1.25 litres of hydration, or enough hooch to get you through a Monday morning at work. A pledge of just over $US20 gets you the smallest A5 version, assuming this crowdfunding initiative is successful and that producing water bottles isn’t fraught with unseen obstacles. But hopefully it isn’t, because these H2O-filled Ziploc bags we’ve been using are just ticking aqua bombs. [Kickstarter – memobottle via Bless This Stuff]