This Crazy Ping Pong Table Houses A 2800W Sound System

This Crazy Ping Pong Table Houses a 2,800W Sound System

If you feel like your table tennis set-up needs a little more... oomph, then look no further than Stiga's new Studio table: a regulation playing surface that happens to pack a 2800W sound system. Beer pong will never be the same again.

Lurking beneath the table's stealth-black surface are eight 6 x 9 speakers, two 12-inch subwoofers, an amplifier and Bluetooth connectivity. There's also LED lighting that reacts to the music and a mic input for, I don't know, MCing in your basement? Ping pong parties? Impromptu karaoke? Whatever you fancy, really.

The only drawback is is that the set-up costs a staggering $US15,000. You could, of course, buy a car instead, but ping pong is quite a lot of fun. And for that price they will generously throw in free delivery and premium installation service. Availability is, apparently, very limited though — so you better be quick if you want to grab one. [Stiga]

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