A 4Chan Post Just Sold For $US90,900 On EBay

A 4Chan Post Just Sold for $US90,900 on eBay

What is art? For this eBay seller it's something as simple as a 4Chan post. Originally caught by Artnet, a vendor known only as "Artwork by Anonymous" turned the above piece of what would usually be everyday internet ephemera into a $US90,900 masterpiece. The lucky buyer also gets free expedited shipping.

The seller obviously had a high ticket price in mind since the bidding started at $US500. But as Recode mentions, within 36 hours the price entered the five digits column. That kind of traction pretty much confirms the auction is fake, or at the very least, an elaborate joke. It's pretty easy to inflate an eBay listing and you can always just, you know, not pay.

If you missed out, you've got a second chance because there's another auction up for grabs. Or perhaps this $41 (as of this posting) framed picture of the original eBay auction page is more your aesthetic style.

I guess for this eBay seller, art also doesn't have to be one-of-a-kind. [Artnet via Recode]



    Haven't they heard of copy and paste.

      $100 million for the mona lisa, or $10 for a poster print.

      But seriously its absolutely retarded

      That's a copyright infringement.

        Whose copyright, hmmmmmm? Not moot's, he didn't create the post. Not the OP, as it was created anonymously.

    oh man, i cant wait till i can buy a print of this!

    Well they say art is in the eye of the beholder but they also say a fool and his money soon part.

    If anything it's poetry and that's pushing it. Whilst poetry is an art form, most people would consider art and poetry separate, I consider this a fool parting with money.

    Here, now it can be a shirt too!

    What happens if I copy the text and post it on another website, does that then make me guilty of fraud or plagiarism?

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