‘Text Neck’ Is The Latest Health Craze That’s Going To Injure You

‘Text Neck’ Is The Latest Health Craze That’s Going To Injure You

At this point, it seems like our electronics are out to kill us because a doctor is warning rabid texters of a new condition called “text neck”. Dr Dean Fishman, who not only is a chiropractic physician, but a crafty wordsmith since he trademarked that phrase, claims that the craning of our neck is damaging your posture and contorting that way your body grows.

He even has X-ray images to prove it! In people who suffer from “text neck,” the first few bones in their cervical spine bend forward. That’s not supposed to happen, he says, adding that that leads to all kinds of ailments like headaches, neck pain and even arthritis.

Besides cleansing ourselves from our mobile phone addiction, Dr Fishman realises there’s no panacea. So, he created “Text Neck Indicator”, an app that tells users if the way their positioning their neck is harmful in real time.

“This technology gives you a green light in the top corner of your phone when you’re holding it at an acceptable viewing angle. If you drop it to an unacceptable viewing angle, it turns to a red light,” he said to Fox News.

The app is only available for Android users, so iPhone users will have to live in fear until their head snaps off. Or they could use it as an excuse to open a Massage Envy membership. [Fox News]

Photo via Flickr/Garry Knight