Report: Apple 'Considering' iWatch Prices Up To $US400

Report: Apple

There's been a whole lot of rumours swirling over the smartwatch Apple will presumably announce during the iPhone event on 9 September. Now, Re/Code says that Apple execs have hinted there will be multiple models of the device, the priciest of which could hit $US400.

That's on the very high end for smartwatches — most come in around $US200, and even the relatively lux Moto360 and Pebble Steel don't break the $US250 barrier. Re/Code is usually very reliable on these things, but pre-release rumours are still just rumours. 9to5Mac reminds us that ahead of the iPad's debut, folks were pretty sure it would come in at $US1000, double what the actual price ended up being.

So we'll still call this one a rumour and add it to the growing pile of hearsay and scuttlebutt regarding the assumed iWatch. You can find that entire pile right here. [Re/Code]

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