Pixar's Latest Short Features A Lovelorn Singing Volcano, Because Of Course It Does

There's hot love... and then there's HOT love.

Lava, Pixar's newest short, features as its star a Hawaiian volcano called Uku, and if nothing else, it shows that Pixar's still not afraid to tackle challenging topics. After all, a Volcano, even a talking one, can't exactly go out on dates, or even move to speak of, so instead the team behind the short looked to other means to create movement and drama around him. Lava's director spoke with Yahoo News, stating that

"We struggled with it a lot. But I feel like, once we were able to embrace the limitations of it, it unlocked all sorts of possibilities. I love that about animation: You can really make a mountain come alive. You can’t do that in another medium."

Lava will run before Pixar's next full length feature, Inside Out, which isn't due to hit cinemas until next year.

[YouTube and Yahoo]

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