NBN Co Is Making Gushy Videos About FTTN Customers

NBN Co's latest YouTube video is dripping with positivity regarding FTTN connections. That's no surprise given how much of a political football it's been, but as always, the peril is in the fine print.

It's all very happy stuff indeed, with a sly mention thrown in of how much quicker an FTTN rollout would have been than an FTTP rollout, just to be certain that particular message sticks.

What does flash past much more quickly is the disclaimer at the end of the video, which reads in very rapid fashion:

"We are very happy with Martin's experience with the NBN. Martin received services over a trial fibre to the node (FTTN) connection. Your ability to work from home depends on external factors like your work's IT policy and infrastructure. Your experience, including speed, depends on the NBN technology used to deliver services to you and factors outside our control, including length and quality of the copper line to your premises (for FTTN), your equipment, connection quality, software, broadband plan and service provider's network design."

Hang on. "Factors outside our control, including length and quality of the copper line to your premises?"

Isn't that exactly what NBN Co is now building around due to the supposed robustness of the copper network, and therefore pretty much exactly under their control?

Haven't we been told over and over again how the FTTN solution will bring higher speeds anyway? Or could it be that not all the copper will in fact be in prime condition, something that's been stressed over and over again?


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