Microsoft Purges 1500 Fake Apps From The Windows Store

Microsoft Purges 1,500 Fake Apps From the Windows Store

The cesspool that is the Windows Store available in Windows 8 is finally getting a clean up. Microsoft is getting rid of 1,500 fake apps from the Store and will refund your money if you fell for a scam.

In a blog post titled "How we're addressing misleading apps in Windows Store", Microsoft's Todd Brix writes that the company is modifying the Windows Store app certification requirements to put an end to fake apps masquerading as the real deal and trying to bait innocent customers. The changes include:

  • Naming -- to clearly and accurately reflect the functionality of the app.
  • Categories -- to ensure apps are categorized according to the app function and purpose.
  • Icons -- must be differentiated to avoid being mistaken with others.

The issue was first pointed out by How-To Geek, which discovered that it was in fact totally not hard to run into obviously fake copies of legit apps, as you can see in the image below, for instance.

Microsoft Purges 1,500 Fake Apps From the Windows Store

"Within half an hour we managed to find fake paid versions of Adobe Flash Player, Firefox, Pandora, IMDB, Candy Crush Saga, Wechat, WhatsApp, uTorrent, Picasa, Bluestacks, Minecraft, Spotify, Google Hangouts, Picasa, Clash of Clans, Blender 3D, and a lot more", writes How-To Geek.

Microsoft's new measures should hopefully keep the Store scam-free. Now we just need the same thing to happen for the Windows Phone Store. [Microsoft, How-To Geek]

Screenshot courtesy: How-To Geek



    Well, there goes most of the apps in windows. Have fun with the with the last 5 apps window fans. Joy

      Pepee63, your comments are consistently the most useless and ignorant on Gizmodo these days. Congratulations.

        Thank you. Any time.

          Oh well, I suppose we'll just have to content ourselves with the tens of millions of software applications available for Windows. I've been using Windows 8 for 3 years and I've never bought an app. I use a few of the pre-installed ones but why would I bother looking for others?

        In fact @quantex in your time here I'd have to say you're of the more vociferous anti apple, pro google, pro windows posters - that siht got old long ago. A geeks version of Holden or Commodore

        Excellent you work in the industry, congrats you're a teacher and you're all very clever but you suffer a massively disproportionate self belief that your opinion is THE overarching correct and only opinion..

        Just relax. Not every thing you like is perfect and free from criticism if even Microsoft announces a clean up of what resulted from initial piss poor Dev/Publish policies to catch up

          I'm not a teacher, I am an ICT Manager. I am also not pro Google or pro Microsoft; I'm pro whatever works, makes sense and is the best. If that were an Apple product, I'd jump on it. What I generally don't respect is Apple's mentality towards their customers, pricing, false claims etc.

          I really don't care what you have to say. You gave up any credibility the moment you responded with "Wow bitch much??" and tried to cut me down by assuming you know anything about me from a handful of posts you decided to read.

          You are also obviously not in the industry.

            Nope work in Defence & shock horror I use an iPhone, iPad & iMac pro, not by choice but all government issued

            I'm not a cutter, nor do I deign credibility...I just have this thing about tech boards, it's filled with bitchiness instead of information exchange

            If @peepee63 upsets you, move on, change the channel but getting personal? That's for the Holden/Ford kids at their 18th birthday

            Enjoy Biatch ;)

            Last edited 29/08/14 7:49 am

            Bloody obvious I'm not in the industry when I can't even friggin hyperlink text!!!!

            Last edited 29/08/14 7:50 am

            Mate, you have no sense of humor. Not every comment has to be informative or even intellectual. Its a comment section and not a thesis discussion. In response to quantex.

            Last edited 29/08/14 10:02 am

      Yes, because a bunch of fake/scam apps are so important. I'm sure everyone will just hate that they can't waste their money on junk now.

    I was scammed in to buying Microsoft Windows. Can I get a refund?

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